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Native Nightlife Walks: 2019

Sponsored by Harwich Conservation Trust and Eastham Conservation Foundation, 12 th generation Cape Codder Todd Kelley and native Wampanoag/Nipmuc Marcus Hendricks will guide you on one of three walks exploring the cultural history and natural nightlife of Cape Cod.

Learn about the lifeways of both First People (Native Americans) and old Cape Codders in relation to wildlife behaviors at dusk into nighttime and the ephemeral rhythms of moon phases. Learn why stories were told at night and how cultural knowledge and wisdom were preserved and passed on to younger generations.

These walks take place close to the summer full moons in June, July, and August. For the First People, the full moon phases signaled seasonal changes in activity. They lived in concert with the elements and were not bound to a clock or calendar because the moon phases don’t fall on the same day and time annually. While we will likely not see the full moon during our walks, we will experience and discuss its influence.

Choose any of the three dates to explore the many ways the natural world transitions from diurnal (daytime) to crepuscular (dawn and dusk) to nocturnal activities as day turns to night.

August 19
September 16

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Full Moon Photo By: Gus Romano